How Kustom works

How do I assemble the watch?

STEP 1 - Case + Dial

To assemble the Case with the Dial, simply merge them together and keep them in position. The Case must be on top of the Dial.

STEP 2 - Case + Dial + Bezel

Now that the Case and the Dial are merged together, it’s time to snap everything in position with the help of the Bezel. Simply position the Bezel on top and rotate/screw it clockwise until everything is fixed. The best way to rotate the Bezel is to use your thumbs.

STEP 3 - Strap

To assemble the strap, use your thumb to held back the lever, place the pins into the holes and release to secure. With Leather and Nylon strap, there is only one lever to held back, for the Stainless Steel you will find two levers.

Are all the components compatible with each other?

At the moment all the components available are compatible with the Mark I series. As soon as we will launch new series and new components, we'll let you know their compatibility.

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